Doug Smith

Look Here Copywriting

You’re probably looking for someone who is creative, knowledgable, enthusiastic and doesn’t need much hand-holding. Someone easy to work with, a good listener who will contribute positive ideas.
I’ve been and done many things – copywriter, author, artist, parent and more. I’ve written biog sheets as well as books, created Powerpoint presentations, worked on marketing plans, booked tours, written killer emails, run spreadsheets for budgets and data, negotiated terms with event promoters, changed nappies and dealt with people from all kinds of backgrounds and social status.
I’m conscientious, thorough, meticulous and will get things done on time. If you’d like to chat for 5 minutes, I’m all yours.

I focus on emotion-based, client-orientated messaging, and helping clients to engage more people, improve their image and get more turnover through website copy, direct mail and other targeted material. It’s all about using the right words and a lean approach. Do you hate writing letters, website text, etc? I love it.
Knowledge of SEO, user experience and all marketing/sales copy techniques, while also keeping up with news and trends in the industry. The variety of clients so far has ranged from the sexy to the mundane, including digital marketing agencies, property developers, a photographer and a cement equipment supplier. Please see website for more!