John Pennick

Halcyon Business Systems Support

Halcyon Business System Support is an independent company of Management Consultants based in Witham, Essex. England. The company serves small and medium sized businesses. As the name implies Halcyon Business System Support prides itself in supplying a reliable, flexible, and a quality service to its clients.
The founding Director, John Pennick has formal qualifications in engineering and quality control along with Health and Safety.

Additionally John is also:
•    A Practitioner of the Chartered Quality Institute
•    A Registered Internal Auditor.

John has also had “hands on” experience of quality and general management in a number of industries. This experience and expertise, gained over more than 20 years is the basis on which the company is built.
Halcyon Business System Support will bring innovative solutions combined with best practice, ensuring that your business benefits from the best available methods in Quality Assurance, Environmental and Health and Safety. Halcyon Business System Support strength is flexibility. No short cut, “Off the shelf” solutions. Services are tailored to meet your unique business needs
Halcyon Business System Support will show you how system streamlining and simplification making maximum use of process maps can improve performance with reduced effort.
Professional system analysis followed by clear proposals for simplification, and implementation support.

Your management system should be a powerful tool for efficiency and service improvement. Our approach to ISO9001 is based on customer service and business efficiency. Our approach to ISO14001 is based on minimising environmental impact and reducing waste.

Don’t be burdened by an ineffective system. Halcyon Business System Support will focus on making your Quality or Environmental Management System work for you.
Professional management tailored to your business needs.

Halcyon Business System Support provides effective, economical Quality and Environmental Management for businesses. With just a few days per month, Halcyon Business System Support offers professional management of your Quality and/or Environmental Assurance function at a fraction of the cost of a full time Quality/Environmental Manager