Brian Harris

BH Wills and Trusts

Brian has been in the financial services industry since 1972 and he has held Senior Management positions within three insurance companies. He now specialises in the areas of wills and trusts. He is married to Linda and they have two grown up daughters.

You may be considering advice regarding Estate Planning.

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Do you have any business interests?
  • Do you have any children?
  • Do you wish to reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax on your Estate?
  • Is your Will up to date?
  • If you do not have a Will, the Government will decide how your Estate and Assets are distributed. This matter is particularly important if you have a family.

What would you want to happen to your business assets?

  • Without a properly prepared Will, your wishes may not be implemented.


We are each totally individual.

This is why you need a service built around you, your wishes and aspirations for your family.

You need to know all the available options, so that you can make informed choices.

I provided financial advice since the 1970’s. In that time I have seen the real need for properly designed Wills and Trusts.

Following my retirement from being a Financial Planner, I have continued to arrange Wills and Trusts for my clients and their friends and colleagues.

There is a need for planning advice in the Estate Planning field

With suitable planning and advice, your personal and business assets can pass to those you want to benefit.

My goal is to create a long-term relationship with you so that we can fully understand your needs, wants and aspirations for your family. It is only by reviewing your objectives that we can work to find the best solutions.