So another years contestants have left the Villa. Relationships have been formed, hearts have been broken but ultimately 30 people who had never met before all now share a great experience, connections and probably a source of income for the next 12 months!

Sound familiar? Even “Cass Amour” where you flirt with another group of networkers is the same! Ultimately, networking works on a very similar vein. You get thrown together in a room of people you don’t know, form friendships based on your connections, trust and laughs along the way, then hopefully even when you’re no longer looking for a soulmate, electrician, Insurance Company Director or Richard Branson, you remain long term friends and happily tell everyone about how great your new acquaintance is!

Hopefully, you’ll even get those new “Hotties” that join your Villa, bringing new attractions and leads, plus you could be the newbie that everyone finds amazing as you add something new to the group!

We can’t promise Caroline Flack will come and evict you, but we can guarantee that the breakfast is tasty and less of a “bush tucker trial”!!

Give networking a go – you may be surprised of who you’ll meet, plus the £50,000 prize is nothing compared to some of the contracts you could win!