If you’re looking for a bunch of reliable people who know what they’re doing and are confident enough to joke about it, you’re in the right place. Probably.

Chelmsford Business Breakfast Club is a not-for-profit networking group where business owners and decision-makers can meet informally to exchange knowledge, news and referrals over an amazing meal that truly sets you up for the day.

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You’re looking for a networking group that’s:

Low pressure

We place greater value on positive conversations rather than enforced attendance, obligatory referrals and heavily-scripted pitches.

Friendly, relaxed and welcoming

We love meeting and getting to know people – without new contacts our businesses won’t grow – and like to help where we can.

Full of credible people

None of us are complete newbies. We’ve all got skin in the game and experience under our belt, so you can be sure of the calibre of people in the room.

Meet the group

Chelmsford Business Breakfast Club started over fifteen years ago, and many of the original founders are still members to this day. Running your own business can be a lonely and sometimes very difficult challenge, and CBBC’s core aim was to be a positive forum where we can all exchange advice, share problems and get new ideas, as well as gain insights into each other’s businesses.

We’re a tight-knit group who enjoy meeting to discuss work, the business landscape and personal news in a pleasant, non-pressured environment. Exchanging knowledge, opinions, ideas and jokes is a big part of what makes this group a success, and new members don’t take long to feel part of the family.

The venue

The Secret Garden restaurant and tea room is a real gem on the western side of Chelmsford. You’d be advised to book early to make sure of a table in the daytime or evening, but we get to have the run of the place every Thursday morning from 7.00-8.45am.

The address is:
7 Writtle Road


Serving superb breakfasts of generous proportions, as well as teas, coffees, snacks and full meals throughout the day, it’s the perfect place for a post-breakfast meeting, as well as being convenient for onward travel for work.

Charity Of The Year

CBBC is delighted to support a local charity each year and in 2023 we have chosen Headway Essex based in Colchester. Headway’s mission is to ensure that everyone in Essex living with an acquired brain injury can live a fulfilling life and that families and carers are better able to cope within their caring roles.

We have recently donated £1,000 to Headway which will be used to support the work of the charity improving the lives of those suffering from acquired brain injuries across Essex.

Feel free to view their website and look at the fantastic projects they support: www.headwayessex.org.uk

The fees

The club exists as a meeting point for members rather than to make money, so the costs of membership are very reasonable.

The annual membership fee is £75, and then there are two ways for you to pay meeting fees:

£15 each time you attend for breakfast
£50 per month by standing order

Planning on coming along every week? Then the monthly standing order is for you.

Thinking you might only make it every 2-4 weeks?

Then simply pay for breakfasts as and when you attend.

What happens

Aside from the customary Christmas meal and the occasional charity quiz team outing, we structure the meetings throughout the month like this:

1st – Open Forum
2nd – Visitors day
3rd – Member spotlight
4th – Closed meeting, members only
5th – Open forum or skills enhancement

For everyone’s sanity, member spotlight presentations are only ten minutes, and give each of us a chance to remind the others what we do, what kind of referrals we might be looking for, and also highlight a particular issue we might want to discuss or get advice about. Oh, and our last meeting before Christmas is usually unforgettable, not least for the jumpers.

The key things to remember about networking

It’s not just about the people in the room

It’s about who they know too. Yes, we do business with each other and use each other’s services, but we also recommend each other to our own contacts when the need arises. How often have you said to someone, “Oh, I know a guy who can sort you out…” It’s all about the extended network.

Networking is a long game

It takes time to build familiarity, friendship and trust, and people expecting a ton of business after handing out cards at their first meeting usually end up disappointed. Be patient, be friendly and get to know other members – whatever group you join!

Become a familiar face by attending regularly

Some networking groups expect members to attend every week, or to send a substitute if they can’t make it. We’re not like that. There’s no pressure to attend all the time, but we do recommend – to get the most out of networking and the group – you come along at least once a month.

Want to see what it’s like?

Book yourself into the next Visitors Day right now. We’ll be happy to meet you and find out what you’re all about!

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